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It’s great to live a new mobile life, change places, cross borders, and be on the move. But everyone has their roots to remember. Sometimes we feel the need to visit the place where someone important for us is buried. They can be family members or founders, friends, teachers, or celebrities that influenced us. But what if you have fallen out of traditional visits or don’t even know the place? Find a Grave cemetery search is the service to bring your roots back. Nowadays, it’s way simpler than it used to be. You don’t have to be an Indiana Jones type searching for de Orellana’s or Sir Richard’s burial place. All you need to do is type in the details and explore the results. If you know exactly that the grave you’re looking for is on Mount Olivet cemetery, you can set it as the location. Maybe the site will not show you the map, but at least it will confirm that the grave you’re looking for is really there.

Latest Articles

What Does It Take to Find a Grave?
In theory, the first name and the family name is enough for Find a Grave name search, especially if the combination is not very common. To narrow the search, you can add the second name, the years of birth and death (either exact or from-to), and the location of the grave.
September 09, 2020
How to Tell Celebrities’ Graves from Their Namesakes?
When you enter the details on Find a Grave name search, they include the second name, the years of birth and death, and the cemetery location, even approximate. With celebrities, we mostly know the names and the dates, and if not, you can google them to find the details. When it comes to celebrities’ graves visited by fans, they often take photos of the gravestone or the monument and upload them to Findagrave.com.
August 31, 2020
What if There’s No Actual Grave?
Grave Finders got covered even those who decided not to get buried in a traditional way. For example, if you search for Hunter S. Thompson or Christine Chubbuck, you will not find a grave at all. Instead, the cemetery search will inform you where their ashes have been scattered. Not so with celebrities only. If the procedure has been registered, Grave Finders will report it.
August 26, 2020

What Grave Finders Has for You

The results of Find a Grave search will be delivered as a list of names registered. Each one leads to the page that displays all the information about the burial place. It may lack information, but it’s up to you to fix it (a bit on this later).

The search has a large database. If you’re searching for a grave you’ve been told is on Oakwood Cemetery, the site will show you four Oakwood Cemeteries in the U.S. and one in Canada. Hardly is there a national cemetery not covered by the site. Now it operates mostly in the U.S. and Canada.

As you find the grave of your ancestor, friend, or another close person, you can save it to your private virtual cemetery or ancestry list. The page can easily be shared. If you have something to add, the standard form lets you do it even easier than on Wikipedia.

When it comes to celebrities, the geography of Find a Grave cemetery search is even wider. But if you search for even a famous cemetery beyond North America (like Cimetière du Père Lachaise in Paris), the search fails. Nevertheless, when you search for Jim Morrison or Oscar Wilde, the site shows you just that Père Lachaise. Let’s hope that Find a Grave cemetery coverage will grow.

On signing up, you can become a photo volunteer. This allows you to upload photos of gravestones, memorials, and stuff. On the other hand, you can contact local volunteers if you know the cemetery the grave is on, but not its exact location. This Grave Finder search free option makes gathering and providing data simpler, so the memory lives on.

Last but not least: the memorial page on Grave Finder lets you send flowers to it. Even if you’re far away on a memorial date and can’t visit the grave in person, you can send virtual flowers to show you care and remember. It’s easy and available for free, though it takes registration.

You can send your flowers from yourself, from someone else you mention, or anonymously. For some pages, though, this option is turned off. Sometimes it’s reasonable (in case of, say, Columbine High School murderers or Charles Manson). But it’s strange to see that you can send a virtual flower to Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian but cannot do this to Tupac Shakur. It can be explained only by the will of the family.

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